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Advanced Trading Tools - Probability Lab



Wondering where a stock's price or volatility is headed?


Now it's easy to test your market forecasts without all of the fuzzy math!



Probability Lab

How confident are you in your stock price and volatility predictions?



Probability Lab

Analyze the market's probability distribution, customize to test your predictions and place trades right in the lab!

Use the Probability Lab to test your trading strategies and market forecasts without all of the complicated math! Analyze the market's probability distribution or customize to test your own forecasts. (The market's probability distribution shows what the market believes are the chances that certain outcomes will occur.)

  • Use the Probability LabSM to take the difficulty of mathematics out of the options equation. This amazing tool offers a practical way to think about options without all of the complicated mathematics.
  • Use the grab-and-pull bars in the dynamic market-implied Probability Distribution to create your own custom Probability Distribution.
  • See your prediction alongside the market implied calculation.
  • Elect to find delta neutral or non-delta-neutral strategies with a specified minimum number of legs based on your customized Probability Distribution.
  • See the P&L performance of the selected strategy up close in the Performance Detail chart.
  • Modify leg details and order parameters and submit an order directly from the lab.


Learn How to Use Probability Lab


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For details on using the Probability Lab, see the TWS Users' Guide.


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