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New Clients

Existing Clients

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New & Existing Clients Please Call us at 919.719.7200 for assistance!


Contact us by Phone - Existing Clients


For existing clients seeking assistance, we offer several methods to get in touch with one of our experienced representatives. For the best service new clients are encouraged to contact us by phone at 919-719-7200. Existing clients may contact us via any of the numbers in the chart below however you must have your account number handy when you call.




*** Please have your account number and information ready prior to calling. ***

Calls to Place Trade's Service Desks may be recorded for quality control purposes.



Select your local time zone from the drop-down list below to determine which Service Center is currently available to take your call. Calls received by a given Service Center outside local operating hours will be automatically routed to an available agent at another Service Center. Calls may be routed to our clearing firm for faster assistance. Please have your account number ready when you call. (We really appreciate it!)


PLEASE have your account number ready when you call. You must have your account number when dialing any of the numbers on this page. If you do not have your/an account number please call us directly at 1-919-719-7200 and we will be happy to assist you!



Hours of Operation

Menu Options

United States

United States

Prospective & Existing Clients:  

1-800-50- PLACE Toll free

1-919-719-7200 Direct dial

Existing Clients may also call:

1 (877) 442-2757 Toll free

1 (312) 542-6901 Direct dial

Please have your account number ready when you call.

08:30 - 17:30 (Mon - Fri) (America/New York)

08:00 - 20:00 (Mon - Fri) (America/New York)

13:00 - 19:00 (Sun) (America/New York)

PLEASE Note that the menus below are the same for each country.

1  Existing Accounts ONLY
   1/1 Trade Related Issues
      1/1/1 Phone Orders
      1/1/2 Trade Issues

   1/2 Cash or Position Transfers
      1/2/1 Cash Deposits, Withdrawals
      1/2/2 US & Canadian Position Transfers
      1/2/3 Other Position Transfers


1 (877) 745-4222 Toll free

1 (514) 847-3499 Direct dial

08:00 - 17:30 (Mon - Fri) (America/New York)

1/3 Log in Assistance
      1/3/1 Password Assistance
      1/3/2 Security Devices

Europe1 & Russia2

00800-42-276537 Toll free1
+41-41-726-9500 Direct dial

8-800-100-8556 Toll free2
+41-41-726-9506 Pyсский

02:00 - 14:00 (Mon - Fri) (America/New York)

1/4 Account Configuration, Statements,
   Fees, Corporate Actions & General Assistance

Hong Kong

+852-2156-7907 Direct dial

20:00 (Sun - Thu) - 05:00 (Mon - Fri) (America/New York)

      1/4/1 Account Configuration
      1/4/2 Statements, Fees
      1/4/3 Tax Issues
      1/4/4 Corporate Actions, Dividends
      1/4/5 General Assistance


+61 (2) 8093 7300 Direct dial

20:00 (Sun - Thu) - 05:00 (Mon - Fri) (America/New York)



+91 22 61289888 Direct dial

23:00 (Sun - Thu) - 08:00 (Mon - Fri) (America/New York)

(Prospective Clients Please Call: 919.719.7200)



+86 (21) 6086 8586 Direct dial

21:00 (Sun - Thu) - 06:00 (Mon - Fri) (America/New York)

1/5 Technical Assistance
      1/5/1 Software Installation & Connectivity
      1/5/2 Software Operation
      1/5/3 Software Functionality
      1/5/4 API Support 


+81 (3) 4588 9700 Direct dial

19:30 (Sun - Thu) - 04:30 (Mon - Fri) (America/New York)

1/6 Market Data, IBIS
      1/6/1 Market Data
      1/6/2 IBIS 


+372 668 2880 Direct dial 02:00 - 12:00 (Mon - Fri) (America/New York)


2 Applications in Progress 

Chili +56 (2) 2581 3419 Direct dial 09:00 - 19:00 (Mon - Fri) (America/New York)




+972 3-978-6873 Direct dial

02:00 - 12:00 (Mon - Fri) (America/New York)

 PLEASE Note that the menus below are the same for each country unless otherwise stated. 

Please Note:

*If you work with a full service advisor you may contact your advisor via the Private Client Wealth Management line which your personal advisor has provided for you or call us directly at 1-919-719-7200 for assistance today! 

  1. Please note that the toll free number may not be available in all locations. In the event you are unable to reach IB using the toll free number listed above, please utilize the direct dial number.
  2. The toll free number is only accessible from Russia.
  3. Customer support is not available on Saturday.




Prospective Clients: Please call 1-800-50-PLACE or 1-919-719-7200

Please do not call another number listed on this page if you are not already an existing client of Place Trade. If you call the other numbers please tell them that you wish to open an account with Place Trade or you will end up with our clearing firm instead and you will not have access to all of our other great products and services.

Open a new account at Place Trade today ~ online or by calling an experienced advisor for full service advice!

Existing customers also have the option to talk instantly via online chat or choose to send secure messages online, contact us via snail mail as well as in person or by phone.



*Please note: The Client Service contact numbers and addresses are for clients and prospective clients of Place Trade Financial, Inc. If you are a client of Interactive Brokers, any other firm that clears through IB or any other firm, broker dealer or advisor ~ please call them for your customer service needs.  We cannot and do not offer customer service for other companies. We do not handle complaints for other firms and we cannot help you with problems that you have at other firms. Place Trade has received high ratings and prestigious awards for having excellent customer/client service but we can only help you if you are a client of ours. If you are not happy with your current broker dealer then please transfer your account to Place Trade today and start experiencing great service right away.


We only provide services related to Place Trade Financial. Please do not call us and pretend to be a prospective client to test what you have heard at IB or other firms as we are not a part of those firms. While Place Trade's policies and procedures will at all times be in compliance with regulations we do not have the exact same policies or procedures as any other firm. Place Trade cannot be held responsible for policies and procedures of other firms and has no control of the procedures of other firms. Calling us to get information about another firm does not benefit you when dealing with those firms. Yes, this may sound ridiculous but amazingly we deal with it every day. Thank you for your understanding!!!




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