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How to upgrade to a Portfolio Margin Account



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Are you ready to upgrade to Portfolio Margin?

Do you have a miniumum of USD 110,000 or the USD equivilant equity in your margin account?

Do you maintain a minimum equity balance of at least $100,000 in your account?

Are you already approved to trade options?

If you answered yes then a Portfolio Margin account may be right for you!


Requirements for Portfolio Margin

Clients who maintain a balanced portfolio of hedged positions could benefit from lower margin requirements and greater leverage using Place Trade's Portfolio Margin account.

Clients who are currently approved for options trading and who maintain an account minimum of USD 100,000 are eligible to apply for an account upgrade to Portfolio Margin. Portfolio Margin is calculated for cash and equity products only.

Please Note:If you maintain an equity balance that is border line at the $100,000 mark you will want to watch it very closely as you will return to Reg T Margin if your equity balance falls below this level.


How to upgrade to a Portfolio Margin Account

1. Log into Account Management using your Place Trade username and password.

2. In the left pane, select Trading Access and then select Trading Configuration.

3. From the Account Type dropdown, select Portfolio Margin.

(Please note that picture number 1 looks slightly different than above but you are still heading in the right direction!If you are confused just click the link above for Account Management and it will take you to picture number 2 when you log in.)


How to select Portfolio Margin from the Account Type drop down menu


Please Note:

Portfolio Margin upgrades are subject to review, and may be declined for various reasons including a noted increase in your margin requirements upon upgrade of an account from Regulation T to Portfolio Margin.

Approval may take several days, and you will be notified by email when your request is approved. If the request is declined due to an increase in margin under Portfolio Margin, you will be informed via a Customer Service Help Ticket, and may respond accordingly.


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