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Please Use Our Secure Login System




Protecting your investments is our number one priority! Your vigilance is equally important in protecting your account.

  • It is extremely important that you protect your passwords. 

  • Always keep your internet security protection software up to date and please be sure to run it often - remember that it doesn't help if you don't run it!

  • Please use our secure login system to help protect your account from hackers and unauthorized individuals. A security device is required for our safety guarantee.



In addition, you can use a security device (that will be mailed to you by our clearing firm) to protect your account from hackers and unscrupulous people. (Or try HandyKey, our two-factor authentication app.) For accounts with Using a security device to help protect your account may be a minor inconvenience to use along with your username and password when you log in, but this simple practice goes a very long way toward protecting your account and consequently your assets.

For little or no charge, Place Trade customers can elect to receive a security device which generates a unique, random series that must be entered (along with your Place Trade username/password combination) each time you log in. Using this device adds a second important layer of security to your account.

Consider this: If an Internet hacker or identity thief should somehow manage to obtain your Place Trade username and password, they WILL NOT be able to access your account without also having the information provided via your security device.

Although participation in the Secure Login System is optional, we STRONGLY urge our customers to participate. Please weigh the benefits of the program against the small annoyance of using the device:

  • The device provides a virtually impenetrable layer of physical security to your Place Trade account.
  • Participation in the Secure Login System results in higher daily and weekly withdrawal limits.
  • If you have multiple accounts, you don't need multiple devices. You can share a security device among multiple usernames registered to the same individual.
  • Customers who choose not to participate must understand and acknowledge that Place Trade will not compensate them or credit their account in the event that it is compromised by hackers or identity thieves.


Please click here to see our latest security device information.



Request a Security Device

  • New Customers - New customers have the option to register for a security device during the application process. You will receive the appropriate device based on the amount with which you fund your account.
  • Existing Customers - Non-participating customers can request a device from within Account Management. From the User Management menu select >Secure Login System. Indicate that you would like to participate in the program and follow the directions to complete your registration.


About the Security Devices

Click one of the following links to learn more about our using your IB security device:

  • Security Code Cards - Recommended for accounts with a balance less than 100,000 USD. This is a credit card-like device with 224 alpha-numeric codes.
  • Alpine Devices - Recommended for accounts with a balance between 100,000 and 500,000 USD. This is a small blue oval device with an LCD and key chain clip.
  • Gold/Platinum Devices - Recommended for accounts with a balance greater than 500,000 USD. This is a black rectangular device which has a numeric keypad and an LCD and resembles a small calculator.


When Will I Receive My Device?

The delivery schedule depends on the type of security device you will be receiving.

  • Security Code Cards are shipped several times per week via regular mail.
  • Alpine Devices are shipped several times per week via Express mail.
  • Gold/Platinum Devices are shipped every day via Express mail for requests that have been completed prior to 13:00 ET on a US business day.

Depending on your location and the capabilities of the shipper, a delivery tracking number will be made available after 18:00 ET on the shipping date. You can view this tracking number by clicking the Activate Security Device link available in the User Management menu in Account Management after that time or by calling technical assistance at 1-877-442-2757, Option 2, then 6.



Once you have received your security device, log into Account Management and select the activation link (Activate Security Device or Security Code Card Activation) from the User Management menu. What you see depends on the type of device you have received. Follow the instructions to supply the information you received upon subscription, or from the device itself. 

Once your device has been activated, each time you log in to Account Management, TWS, WebTrader or mobileTWS, you will be required to the two authentication factors – your 
username and password combination and the security code generated by your device. When you successfully log in, your account will be secured with full perimeter coverage, protecting both cash and positions from unauthorized access. Additional information regarding the Secure Login System may be found in the FAQ section.


Withdrawal Limits

Accounts that do not participate in the Secure Login System are limited in the amount of money that can be withdrawn or transferred in one day and in any five day period. Our top-level Gold and Platinum systems are available to clients with substantial balances over 500,000 USD, providing state-of-the-art protection and allowing unlimited funds withdrawals. 

Withdrawal Limits for Place Trade Customers
Security Device Maximum Withdrawal per Day Maximum Withdrawal in 5 Business Days
None 50K USD 100K USD
Security Code Card 200K USD 600K USD
Alpine Device 500K USD 1.5M USD
Gold Unlimited Unlimited
Platinum Unlimited Unlimited