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Get our most sophisticated Secure Login Device

Securely login to your account with our most sophisticated security device

Our most sophisticated security device makes it easy to securely log into your Place Trade application, such as TWS, Account Management or WebTrader.

Your Gold or Platinum security device should keep the most determined hackers away. These tokens require multiple steps - you must enter data both into your device and into the Challenge box on the login screen. The steps in green below are carried out using your token.

Secure Login with Gold/Platinum Device
  1. Start by logging into your Place Trade application as always, using your Place Trade username and password.
    A box pops up displaying an 8-digit Challenge code.

  2. Turn on your security device and enter your 4-digit PIN.

  3. Using your device, enter the 8-digit Challenge code from the login box, then press the Enter button.

  4. In the Challenge field on the login box, enter the 8-character Response that appears on your security device, and click OK.

NOTE: The Challenge field will look slightly different depending on the application you're logging into.