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Place Trade clients enjoy significant savings on margin rates compared to the leading national broker dealers.  Whether you are an online trading client or a full service client working with one of our experienced financial professionals you will still qualify for the same great low rates!

In addition to our deep discount commissions our clients enjoy significant savings of more than 4% - 6%+ on margin rates as compared to other national firms.  Why give up so much of your return to higher margin rates somewhere else when you can switch to Place Trade and keep more of your own money?

How does Place Trade offer such low margin rates?  In order to consistently offer some of the lowest rates in the country we do some things a little differently than other firms.  We offer our clients the choice of both Reg T Margin and Portfolio Margin accounts as well as a real-time margin system and a Risk Navigator trading tool to help manage risk and protect our clients from further loss.

Before you open a margin account it is important that you understand the risks of trading on margin, the way that the type of margin account you choose works and the minimum requirements on the specific securities that you are trading in your account.


Get the scoop on Margin Requirements:


Margin Requirements for Canadian Stocks & Index Options

Margin Requirements for US Stocks

Margin Requirements for US Options

Margin Requirements for US Bonds


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