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Live Online Trading Platform Demos

For your convenience, we have included our Trader Workstation Demos below - for both the TWS Demo and the TWS Portfolio Margin Demo.  These demos are linked to our clearing firm's site.  You will be leaving our site to use the demo.  Please return to our site before logging into or opening your account.  If you click on the Open Account option from within the DEMO or our clearing firm's site you WILL NOT be opening an account with Place Trade.  Please return to Place Trade to Open your Account! 

Please choose one of our TWS demos below:

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  Trading Platform Demos

Advisor Online Trading Platform

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tws portfolio margin demo

Try our Portfolio Margin Demo Today!

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The Place Trader Workstation (TWS) is our award winning, full-featured desktop trading and order management application/trading platform.  

TWS demo functionality is identical to that in the actual Place Trader Workstation (TWS) application (except for the fact that it uses last week's market data in the demo environment.  Market data is simulated based on the previous week's ticks and orders are not actually executed and cleared.)

(Our Individual Demo utilizes Reg T Margin calculations.)

Place Trader Workstation (TWS) Highlights


The Place Trade Web Trader's simple, clean lined, HTML-based trading application is designed for use behind a firewall and for users who may not need the full-featured sophistication of the TWS.

Currently, WebTrader includes only limited functionality to support multi-client account structures such as advisors. The WebTrader demo mirrors the production version of WebTrader except that market data is simulated based on the previous week's ticks and orders are not actually executed and cleared.

For additional information about WebTrader Please click here.



Our Portfolio Margin demo utilizes value at risk based margin calculations for US stocks, stock options, index options and single stock futures. 

Portfolio Margin accounts are available for customers with over USD 100,000 (or USD equivalent) in their account.

Compare Place Trade's Margin Rates:  Get Significant Savings vs. National Competitors


Please return to our site before logging into or opening your account.




If you experience technical difficulties with the demo system please email clientservices @ placetrade .com.

Download the Demo to your Desk Top instead

Dial-up Connection

If you are using a dial-up connection to the Internet, we suggest you install TWS directly onto your computer by clicking here. This will allow you to connect to both the demo and production TWS systems more quickly on future visits to the site.