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What if I only want to move part of my account or transfer specific securities?


How to deposit funds/transfer securities via Partial ACATs/ATON Transfer


Transfer my Account to Place Trade

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Partial Transfer

Why was my account transfer rejected?

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Quick Tips to Transfer Part of Your Account to Place Trade:

Simply log into “Account Management

Click on “Position Transfers”

Select an option "Partial" and tell us what you would loke to transfer. Feel free to call us at 919-719-7200 for assistance.

        (For a detailed description of the Full ACATS/ATON process flow please see the chart below.) 



An ACATS transfer request typically takes 4 business days to complete and may take as long as 7 business days depending upon the circumstances involved in the transfer. Outlined in the table below is a process flow of the transfer process, including typical timeframes for each stage of the process.



Time Frame
Customer submits transfer instructions to Place Trade via Account Management.
Begins transfer process.
Day 1
Receiving broker PT) electronically transmits request via ACATS.
NSCC generates reports confirming transfer request to both PT and delivering broker.
Day 1 if Step 1 completed prior to 11:30 PM ET, else Day 2.
Delivering broker has up to 1 day to review transfer request for accuracy of account details and accept or reject.
If validated, delivering broker submits asset list;
If rejected, delivering broker enters applicable rejection code.
Day 1 to Day 3, depending upon timing of customer submission, each brokers input relative to the ACATS multi-batch processing cycles and the ability of the two brokers to corroborate the customer’s account details.
If transfer request was accepted by delivering broker, the receiving broker (PT) has up to 1 day to review asset list;
If transfer request was rejected by delivering broker, depending upon the nature of the rejection the receiving broker may have up to 1 day to resubmit request.
If asset list was received, receiving broker (PT) can either accept the account, request adjustments (e.g., where asset lists include securities not eligible at receiving broker), or reject the account (e.g., where account is not in margin compliance);
If transfer request was rejected by delivering broker, receiving broker may correct and resubmit request or take no action and let request reject.
Day 2 to Day 4, depending upon events as noted above as well as decision of receiving broker to accept the account or request adjustments.
Settlement Prep
If receiving broker (PT) accepts the account the assets are staged and ‘locked’ for transfer.
Neither the delivering nor receiving firm can adjust or delete the ACATS transfer. Settlement will take place next business day.
Day 3 to day 6
  Settlement Close
Assets begin to transfer.
Day 4 to day 7


Should you have further questions, please contact one of our Customer Service Centers at the numbers provided below. Please be sure to have your account number ready. If you do not have an account number yet please call 1-919-719-7200 first for assistance.

Australia: +61-2-9240-5143

Hong Kong: 852-2156-7907

US: direct 312-542-6901; toll free at 877-442-2757

Europe: direct 41-41-726-9500; toll-free at 00800-42-276537

Canada: 1-877-745-4222


Account Management

More Details about Funding your Account



Funding your account is made simple with Place Trade and Interactive Brokers. To deposit funds in your PT account, you must first complete a deposit notification. This will allow the clearing firm to properly identify incoming funds and will ensure your funds retain their originating currency of denomination.


  • To complete a deposit notification, visit the Funds Transfer page in Account Management/Funding.
  • You must contact your bank or Place Trade Financial to complete funds transfers after the completion of a deposit notification.
  • Detailed instructions on where or how to send funds will be provided after a deposit notification is completed and received. Instructions may vary.
  • Checks or wire transfers absent of the proper deposit instructions will be held by the clearing firm until you are contacted.


Funds Transfers

To make an internal fund transfer, you must complete an Internal Funds Transfer request. You can do this in the Account Management/Funds Management page. Funds that are on hold cannot be internally transferred.

Account processing will occur within one (1) business day after receipt. Once your account has been approved, cleared funds are required to begin trading. All checks including certified and cashier's checks require a minimum of 5 business days before becoming available for investing. For options trading, a minimum of 7 business days is required.

With the exception of the minimum investment to open an account, Place Trade Financial does not require a minimum balance to be maintained and does not charge maintenance fees for inactive accounts.  However our clearing firm may charge additional fees on accounts with low balances. (Place Trade does not receive any portion of these fees and is not able to waive them.)

Good to Know:

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For a detailed description of the Full ACATS/ATON process flow please see the chart above 

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How to deposit funds to your Place Trade via a full ACATS/ATON Transfer