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Base Currency


How to change the Base Currency on your account

The Base Currency that you choose for your account is very important because it determines the currency of translation that is used for your statements, the currency used for determination of your margin requirement, and for a Cash Account, the currency of products that you are allowed to trade. In addition, charges related to market data and research, as well as inactivity fees are also charged in your base currency.


Where can I change my base currency?

You can easily modify the currency used for your account reporting on the Base Currency page which is located in Account Management. Please see the simple steps below for details.)

To modify the base currency for an account:

  1. In Account Management >Under the Manage Account tab > Click Settings > Configure Account > Base Currency
    (If you are a Proprietary Trading Group Master Users, please click Manage Traders > Trading > Base Currency.)


How to Change Base Currency in Classic Account Management (AM)

How to Change Base Currency


What if my Account Management screen looks different from the picture above?

If your Account Management screen has a menu that runs on the left-hand side of your screen, simply click on the last menu item entitled Classic AM to quickly change to the Classic Account Management view (shown above). To switch back to your original view, simply click on the bright green New AM button which is located on the bottom right-hand side of your screen.

  1. Use the Account Selector to search for your account (if you have more than one account) or sub-account (if applicable) by Account ID, Account Title or Account Alias, then click the desired account. 
 Choose your Account  

The Account Selector is closed once you select an account. To change the selected account, click the tab to open the Account Selector, and then click a different account.


  1. Select the radio button next to your desired base currency, then click Continue.


Choose your Base Currency


  1. Verify your selection, then click Continue to submit your currency change request.
    If you need to make further changes, click Back, then make corrections before submitting.



*** Please Note that base currency changes do not take effect until the next trading day. ***



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