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How to add a new user to your account


Account Management Quick Start Guide


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Adding a user to your account is easy!

You can add users to your account and grant them access to a subset of Account Management functions, including granting access to functions for one or more sub accounts. You cannot grant access to Funding functions to a new user.


How to Add a User or Grant Access to your account


To add a user to the account, please log into Account Management and then:

>  Click Manage Account

>  Access Rights

>  Users

>  Click Add User.


3.  On the Add User page, enter all required information, including name, six-character username prefix, password, and email address.

4.  On the same page, assign Account Management functions to the user by clicking the appropriate check boxes in the Access Rights section. Access groups correspond to Account Management menus.


To designate the user as a Security Officer:

1.  Click the I'd like to have this person designated as a Security Officer. check box.

2.  If you have created any User Roles, optionally select a User Role. The access rights saved with the User Role will be applied to the new user.

3.  Click an access group to expand the section, then click check boxes to grant access to individual functions.

4.  To grant access to all functions within an access group, click the check box next to the access group name.


Please note: 

If a function is not checked, the user will not be able to access the function in Account Management:




5.  If you are adding a user to a multiple account structure, when you click a check box for an Access group or for an individual function inside an Access group, the Assign Accounts box opens. 

Use the Assign Accounts box to select which accounts you want this user to be able to access for the selected function or group of functions. You may select:
1.  All for all accounts, including the Master and all sub accounts;
2.  Master to grant access to only the Master account;
3.  Sub All to grant access to all sub accounts;
4.  Sub Specific, to grant access to individual sub accounts.



Click Continue to save your account assignments.

All account users automatically get rights to Security functions (Password, Secure Login System Secure Device Sharing, and Voting Subscriptions), which are located in the Manage Account > Security access group, and the functions in the Manage Account > Settings access group (User Information and Email Address).

The following figure shows an example of an access rights configuration. In this example, a user is being granted access to all functions in the Trade and Reports > Activity menus of Account Management.



6. On the same page, you can select the accounts to which the access rights are assigned. Highlight one or more individual sub/client accounts in the list (Ctrl+ click to select multiple non-adjacent accounts in the list; Shift+click to select multiple adjacent accounts in the list). Click the All Sub/Client Accounts check box to select ALL accounts.

7.  Click Continue.

8. Verify that all the information is correct, then click Continue. (If you need to make further changes, click Back, then make corrections before submitting.)

9. Enter the confirmation number sent to you via email, then click Continue. (If you have not received a confirmation number, click Request Confirmation Number to have a confirmation number sent to your email address on record.)

10. Click Cancel to cancel your changes.


How to View Pending User Access Rights

Click Pending Authorization in the Status column for any Security Officer listed to view a popup that displays the pending user access rights.

Viewing Eligible Security Officers on Pending Items

On the Users page, you can move your mouse over the Status of any Security Officer listed with a status of Pending Authorization to see a popup with Eligible Security Officers displayed:



How to view your pending changes

You may view your pending changes to user access rights on the Home > Pending Items page. Move your mouse over those pending items to see a popup with Eligible Security Officers displayed:




Please feel free to call us at 919-79-7200 or 1-800-50-PLACE (507-5223) if you need assistance. We are happy to help you!



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