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Get Full-Service Advice from Experienced Advisors - When You Need It 


Manage all of your accounts in one great place!

We know that it can be frustrating to choose between getting advice from an experienced financial professional and making your own decisions when you want to. We know that it can become an accounting nightmare at tax time when you are chasing down documentation or simply trying to keep track of what you have when your accounts are scattered about.
We also know that you are looking for a fair price and that when you want financial advice you want it from someone with the experience required to help you meet your needs. We know that you want the best and that you have no desire to deal with a rookie, a product pusher or an asset gatherer (typical activities of many so-called financial advisors) and that you definitely deserve more than the cookie-cutter robo-advisor scheme when it comes down to your portfolio!   

Experienced Advisors offer Full-Service Advice

  • We do not have cookie cutter molds to churn out the same information for every client because we are not computers and we understand that every person is different and their investment needs are different. Recommendations are suited to meet your goals and meet your individual risk tolerance level.

  • We do not "push product," hold inventory or make a market in investments and then push them out to clients under any circumstances.  

  • Place Trade does not offer any proprietary products or have sales contests or any other "encouragement" that might cause investment recommendations to be made outside of your best interest.  

  • Place Trade Financial professionals are free to make the recommendations that they believe are right for you without interference or unethical enticements to sway their recommendations.

Our clients range from totally independent individual and professional online traders to mutual fund and hedge fund managers as well as other financial institutions to individuals who only use full-service financial professionals for advice.* As our client, you have the flexibility to choose either model or to use a combination of both. You only pay full-service commission rates (starting as low as $15 per trade) when you use the services of our experienced financial experts.** 


No Need to Hold Multiple Accounts 

At Place Trade there is no need to choose or have multiple accounts spread out all over town (or the country for that matter) because our clients truly have the ability to invest on their own terms! You no longer have to have your full-service account at one firm, your discount broker or online trading accounts with another firm and your international accounts with possibly still another firm. You get it all with Place Trade!  



Place Trade offers clients the choice of how they want to invest  

Clients are able to get the advice that they desire and have no feeling of guilt among those that are hiding their online accounts from their full-service advisors. Place Trade's financial professionals are here when you need them but never breathing down your neck when you don't!


Place Trade offers Experience

Most of our financial professionals have over ten or even twenty years of experience in the financial services industry. Sometimes in li, e you only or even barely get what you pay for but at Place Trade you get what you paid for and a whole lot more!



All of our services are available at an extremely low price with:

  • Award Winning Technology
  • Award Winning Client Service 
  • Extensive Investment Solutions
  • Verified Best Execution
  • Extraordinary access to international markets 
  • Deep Discount Commissions 
  • Extremely Low Margin Rates
  • Access to very experienced financial consultants
  • and So Much More!    




Get an unbiased second opinion or free risk analysis:

If you are not currently 100% satisfied with your current investment portfolio or how it has performed over the past few years, why not bring it to Place Trade and let one of our experienced and caring financial professionals provide you with an unbiased second opinion or free risk analysis? 



At  Place Trade you can invest with an experienced advisor or: 

  • Trade Online

  • On over 100 markets centers around the world 

  • Trade in 22+ countries 

  • In your choice of 22+ currencies

  • Enjoy trading on a state of the art trading platforms 

  • Trade in the language of their choice  (Our award winning trading platforms are available in 9+ languages so you can feel comfortable trading in your native language.)  


Either way, all of our clients enjoy extremely low margin ratessuper low commissions and verified price improvement!


Whether you wish trade online, with an experienced advisor or somewhere in between you will still benefit from superior state of the art technologyproven price performanceultra low margin ratesextensive fixed income offerings, deep discount commission when you trade online and some of the lowest full-service commission rates of any full-service firm when you work with an experienced financial professional. Give us a call to get started today at1-800-50-PLACE or 1-919-719-7200.


Log in to your account for more details or into one of the Place Trade's award winning trading platforms and look back here soon for further updates. Contact us today to speak with an experienced financial professional or get started by opening your account online today.


Join the movement and Switch your account to Place Trade ~ It really is the Smart Place to Trade!

Whether you prefer full-service financial advice, using a discount broker, trading completely on your own or having the flexibility to choose a trading style that fits somewhere in between, Place Trade has you covered and you can do it all from one account!

Please Note




* Please Note that Place Trade's financial professionals DO NOT give commodities or options advice. All commodities and options trades are placed by the client - online.

** Please note that any specific investment related advice that you discuss with an advisor (e.g., if we recommend specific securities or you ask for information, research, opinions, etc. on specific industries/investments, stocks or other securities) will be billed at the full-service commission rate whether or not you place the trades online or the orders are entered by your personal advisor. In order to offer the quality research and advice, we actually have to pay our hard working and licensed financial professionals for their experience and time.

We spend a great deal of time researching and planning so that we can make appropriate recommendations for our clients. We would not be able to offer these services if our advisors were not fairly compensated. (Please remember that we have transparent pricing and we do not take hidden markups or sneak fees in, take soft dollars, etc. to make up for so called free research and recommendations or the cost to pay for licensed professionals, keep the lights on, etc.) Besides, with commissions as low as our rates are, our valuable service would be difficult to beat. We believe that you will not find our full-service commission pricing, matched with our experience and great client service, at another national brokerage firm.



Trade online or Get Financial Planning Advice from Experienced Financial Advisors all from one account! Trade US and international, stocks, bonds, options, CFDs, mutual funds and much more all from one account. Manage all of your accounts in one place at Place Trade - Trust Administration.


Enjoy flexibility and choice along with the ability to manage all of your invests from one account!


Enjoy having the flexibility to choose a trading style that fits your needs and the ability to manage all of your invests from one account instead of all over town!


Full-Service Financial Planning Advice | Discount Broker | Online Trading / DIY

Trade US and international, stocks, bonds, options, ETFs, CFDs, mutual funds and much more all from one account. Manage all of your accounts in one place at Place Trade!

All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal and there can be no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful.