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How to Add Quotes, Tickers Symbols & Market Data Lines in Trader Workstation

Please note that you are NOT required to subscribe to market data subscriptions to use our trading platforms to purchase stocks and options.1 

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How to Add Real-time Market Data Lines (Add Ticker Symbols and Get Quotes)

It is easy to add market data, or ticker (symbol) lines, for the products you want to trade. Please note that you will be adding lines wih delayed markeet data information unless you choose to subscribe to real-time market data.Although we do not recommend that trade without market data, you are not required to subscribe to any market data to trade or have an account with us. You can subscribe to real-time market data through Account Management (login and then click Manage Account > Trade Configuration > Market Data).


To add market data lines to the Quote Monitor in Classic TWS (To add makeet data using Mosaic please follow this link.)

  1. Click in the Contract field in an empty row.
  2. Enter an underlying symbol and press Enter.   
Add market data lines
  1. Select an asset type from the picklist on the trading screen. For instruments that require an expiry, choose a month and year, or select All to open the contract selection box.


Select asset type

If you choose Smart as the exchange (rather than selecting Directed and then picking a destination) the market data is aggregated and the default order routing is Smart. From a display perspective, ticker lines that use aggregated Smart data do not display Smart in the data line. TWS will only show the exchange if you elect to direct route. When you create an order, regardless of the market data selection you can modify the order routing destination on a per-order basis using the Destination field.

Select Contract



  1. In the Contract Selection box, choose a contract(s) and click OK. You can limit the contracts displayed in the right pane by selecting criteria from the Filter section. Choose Smart as the exchange to use SmartRouting.


For more information




View Highlights for our Mosaic Trading Application/Interface


Research, news and market data



Learn how to get real-time access to comprehensive fundamentals research, news and market data subscriptions



There is no requirement to subscribe to market data in order to trade or to use our award winning trading platforms!


You are free to receive market data from another Place Trade account or data vendor, or to use only delayed market data!


Please note that you are NOT required to subscribe to market data subscriptions to use our trading platforms to purchase stocks and options. Free delayed quotes are available and fees may be waived for active traders who choose to subscribe. We have a ton of awesome choices to meet the needs of every level of trader (including professionals) however you are welcome to choose the service provider of your choice for market data and info. Place Trade recommends that you always use accurate market data and information before placing trades. Regardless as to whether or not you subscribe to real-time or delayed market data, you should receive live quotes (updated every three minutes) on positions that you hold (own) in your account through the Account Window in TWS (only).

For information regarding fees please call us at 1-919-719-7200.



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