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Trade Bust/Adjustments

If an exchange or other market center charges Place Trade a trade bust, trade cancel fee or trade adjust fee because of an order placed by an Place Trade customer, or because of a customer bust or adjust request, the customer is fully responsible for the fee and the fee will be deducted from the customer's account. 

In addition to fees charged by exchanges (and in cases where exchanges do not charge a fee), Place Trade will charge the following fees for requests to have trades busted: 

  • $50 for the first bust request in a calendar month.
  • $100 per incident for subsequent bust requests in the same calendar month.

 The above fees are subject to change.

 United States
Exchange Fees Additional Info
CME Group 
(ECBOT, Globex, NYMEX)
USD500.00 When GCC1 busts a trade, the party responsible for entering the order into the electronic trading system that gave rise to the trade bust/adjustment shall pay an administrative fee to the Exchange in the amount of $500 for each occurrence. If a non-member customer responsible for entering an order that results in a trade bust fails to pay the fee in accordance with this section, the clearing member carrying the customer's account shall be responsible for payment of the fee. 

For additional information see the CME Group Rulebooks. For information regarding CME Rules 588 and 622, click here.
NASDAQ USD250.00 If an appeal is requested on a ruling that was previously made and that appeal upholds the original decision, Nasdaq will assess a fine for the appeal. 

Additional information regarding this policy can be found on this page. Clearly Erroneous Rule changes effective October 5, 2009, can be foundhere. For a list of fees, click here.


Exchange Fees Additional Info


 Hong Kong
Exchange Fees Additional Info
HKFE HKD3000.00 N/A


  • [1] GCC is the group at the CME that is responsible for reviewing ECBOT, Globex, and NYMEX executions.

When considering fees please consider the overall low cost of trading, ultra low margin rates, access to experienced financial consultants and great customer service that you enjoy at Place Trade.  We believe that we offer the lowest overall trading cost of any full service broker.  

What are SEC fees?

For information regarding fees please call us at 1-919-719-7200.


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