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View Funding Reference ~ FAQs


Simple Steps to Fund your Account:


Simply login to “Account Management

Click on “Fund Transfers”

Select an option (Check, ACH, or Wire Transfer)



Funding Reference

View our complete Funding Reference Page


Learn all of the methods for funding your online trading account including types of acceptable checks, ACH and wire transfers, direct rollovers, trustee to trustee transfers,funding via online bill payment as well as much more information.



More Basic Details about Funding your Account



Funding your account is made simple with Place Trade and our clearing firm (IB). To deposit funds in your PT account, you must first complete a deposit notification. This will allow the clearing firm to properly identify incoming funds and will ensure your funds retain their originating currency of denomination.


  • To complete a deposit notification, visit the Funds Transfer page in Account Management/Funds Management.
  • You must contact your bank or Place Trade Financial to complete funds transfers after the completion of a deposit notification.
  • Detailed instructions on where or how to send funds will be provided after a deposit notification is completed and received. Instructions may vary.
  • Checks or wire transfers absent of the proper deposit instructions will be held by the clearing firm until you are contacted.



Internal Funds Transfers


To make an internal fund transfer, you must complete an Internal Funds Transfer request. You can do this in the Account Management/Funds Management page. Funds that are on hold cannot be internally transferred.



Account processing will occur within one (1) business day after receipt. Once your account has been approved, cleared funds are required to begin trading. All checks including certified and cashier's checks require a minimum of 5 business days before becoming available for investing. For options trading, a minimum of 7 business days is required.

With the exception of the minimum investment to open an account, Place Trade Financial does not require a minimum balance to be maintained and does not charge maintenance fees for inactive accounts. (Please note that commissions and fees can change without notice.)


For more information on funding your account, please click here.




Place Trade offers $0.01 per share* online stock trading commissions!

$0.75 per Options Contract**

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*minimum $1.50    **minimum $1.50

All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal and there can be no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful.