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Education: How do I?



How to Videos!


Short, sweet and to the point so that you can get turbo charged on your way back to the business of trading!


Check out our quick how to/educational videos, courses and interactive tours1 to help you get up to speed fast using our Trader Workstation (TWS), trading platforms, advanced trading tools and Account Management features, as well as to explore stocks, options, futures and forex trading.2

For more information regarding how to use these services or to sign up for one of our live or pre-recorded teleconferences, please call us at 919-719-7200 today. (Please note that video links are best viewed via the Explorer or Edge Browsers.)


Duration Category Topic
4:11 Mosaic

TWS Market Data & Research Data Subscriptions 


3:51 Mosaic TWS Global Configuration
2:59 Mosaic - Order Types Adaptive Algo Order Type
4:39 Mosaic - Watchlist TWS - Customize Column Layout
6:23 Trading Tools IB Volatility Lab
2:53 Technical Analytics Performance Profile for Trading Options
3:47 TWS Classic Trading Overseas With Place Trade s TWS
4:27 Trading Tools TWS Integrated Stock Window (ISW)
4:10 Mosaic News Feeds in Mosaic
4:21 Margin Monitoring Margin in TWS
4:39 TWS Classic Setting Alerts in the "Classic" window of TWS
5:07 Technical Analytics TWS Portfolio Builder
3:23 Classic TWS - Order Types Conditional Order Type
4:55 Tablets TWS for iPad - Watchlists, Charts & Orders
5:26 Mosaic Shorting Stocks Using Trader Workstation (TWS)
5:11 TWS Classic Dual FX Display
4:00 Mosaic - Portfolio Portfolio Performance Profile
5:24 Smartphones TWS for iPhone- Watchlists, Quote Details and Orders
2:54 Charts Quick Tips for TWS Charts - Part 5 - Futures Term Structure
5:03 Risk Navigator Top Tips for Using Risk Navigator - Margin Sensitivity
2:24 Charts Quick Tips for TWS Charts - Part 4 – Creating Multi-Chart Windows
3:59 Charts Quick Tips for TWS Charts - Part 3 - Creating Virtual Securities
4:28 TWS Classic Order Presets in Classic TWS
4:43 Risk Navigator Risk Navigator – Calculating the Forward Prices for Options
1:59 ClassicTWS - Order Types One-Cancels-All (OCA) for TWS Classic
4:11 Trading Tools TWS BasketTrader - Setting up a High Beta Trade
3:48 Trading Tools TWS BasketTrader – Create a Basket
2:39 Mosaic - Order Types One-Cancels-All (OCA) Order Type for Mosaic
4:20 Charts TWS ChartTrader
3:50 Mosaic - Order Types Accumulate Distribute Algo
3:27 Mosaic - Order Types VWAP Algo (Best-Efforts)
1:50 Mosaic - Portfolio View Your Portfolio
3:14 WebTrader WebTrader - Option Chains
4:57 Trading Tools TWS ScaleTrader
6:01 Charts Quick Tips TWS Charts - Part 2
5:49 WebTrader WebTrader - Enter an Order
3:15 Charts Quick Tips TWS Charts - Part 1
2:52 WebTrader WebTrader - Create & Import Watchlists
4:04 Mosaic - Order Types Relative/Pegged-to-Primary Orders in Mosaic & Classic TWS
4:20 Mosaic - Order Types Iceberg or Reserve Orders for Mosaic & Classic TWS
3:22 Mosaic - Order Types Stop Orders in Mosaic & Classic TWS
4:44 ClassicTWS - Order Types Pegged Volatility Orders for US Stock Options
4:18 Mosaic - Order Types Bracket Orders in Mosaic & Classic TWS
2:02 Mosaic - Orders Activity Panel - Orders Tab
1:31 Mosaic - Orders Acitvity Panel - Trades Tab
0:59 Mosaic - Orders Activity Panel - Summary Tab
4:44 Mosaic - Order Types Trailing Stop Orders in Mosaic & Classic TWS
3:55 Trading Tools TWS OptionTrader
4:14 ClassicTWS - Order Types Limit and GTC Order Type
4:55 Mosaic - Order Types Create Market Orders using Mosaic & Classic TWS
3:13 Trading Tools TWS BookTrader
5:57 Trading Tools TWS FXTrader
2:22 Mosaic - Order Types Limit Order Type using Mosaic
2:56 Mosaic - Order Types GTC Order Type using Mosaic
5:08 Risk Navigator Beta Weighting in Risk Navigator
5:23 Mosaic - Scanners Create a Mosaic Market Scanner
1:10 Mosaic - Watchlist Create a Watchlist
1:37 Mosaic - Watchlist Create a Predefined Watchlist
1:42 Mosaic - Grouping Mosaic Color Grouping
2:42 Mosaic - Orders Enter an Order in Mosaic
4:05 Mosaic - Workspace Customize the Mosaic Interface
1:51 Mosaic - Portfolio Filter Your Mosaic Portfolio Display
1:42 Mosaic - Portfolio View Your Portfolio
Duration Category Topic
2:45 Deutsch Eingabe einer Order in Mosaic
3:03 Deutsch Performance-Profil für Optionen
4:37 Chinese-S (普通话) TWS图表功能快速提示 (1)
8:13 Chinese-S (普通话) TWS图表交易者
2:00 Italiano Pannello attività – Ordini (Italiano)
4:29 Italiano TWS ChartTrader (Italiano)
2:33 Italiano Profilo performance per le opzioni
5:44 Chinese-S (普通话) 使用魔方界面和标准模式TWS设置冰山/保留定单
3:01 Italiano Suggerimenti rapidi sui grafici di TWS: I parte
2:19 Dutch Maak een controlelijst
4:14 Italiano Come impostare gli avvisi in TWS
4:39 Italiano Portfolio Builder per IB TWS
1:25 Español Crear una lista de seguimiento
6:56 Chinese-S (普通话) 使用标准模式TWS和魔方界面创建相对/挂钩首要定单
4:08 Español TWS BookTrader
8:17 Chinese-S (普通话) 美国股票期权的挂钩波动率定单
6:23 Español Negociación de Bonos para Advisors en Place Trade
4:26 Español Chart Trader Video Corto
7:22 Chinese-S (普通话) 定单类型 - 括号定单
4:04 Italiano Finestra integrata per azioni (ISW)
5:12 Español Rebalanceo de Carteras para Asesores
4:02 Italiano Monitorare il margine in TWS
4:11 Italiano Costruire uno scanner di mercato su opzioni in TWS Mosaic
7:43 Chinese-S (普通话) 使用盈透证券魔方界面和标准TWS创建追踪止损定单
4:28 Italiano Ordini a mercato in TWS Classica e Mosaic
6:55 Chinese-S (普通话) 证券TWS交易工具 - 期权交易者
3:47 Italiano TWS Classica – Ordini limite e GTC
3:07 Italiano TWS Profilo performance di portafoglio
4:52 Italiano Vendite allo scoperto su Trader Workstation (TWS)
4:36 Italiano Doppia visualizzazione del Forex
5:58 Chinese-S (普通话) 使用交易平台的魔方界面和标准模式TWS界面创建市价定单
3:58 Español Orden Stop móvil en TWS Clásica y Mosaico
5:10 Chinese-S (普通话) 用标准模式TWS创建限价单和取消前有效限价单
4:31 Italiano Risk Navigator – Calcolo dei prezzi a termine di opzioni
4:25 Italiano Preimpostazioni ordini in TWS Classica
5:10 Chinese-S (普通话) 交易者工作站工具 - 在册交易者(BookTrader)
4:20 Chinese-S (普通话) 通过魔方界面创建取消前有效定单
3:14 Chinese-S (普通话) 在TWS魔方界面上创建限价单(LMT)
3:34 Italiano Model Portfolio - Creazione e finanziamento di modelli
2:43 Italiano Model Portfolio per consulenti
2:07 Italiano Ordini One-Cancels-All (OCA) in TWS Classica
3:06 Deutsch Bracket Order in der Mosaic und der klassischen TWS
6:00 Chinese-S (普通话) 风险导航中的Beta权重
2:42 Italiano Ordini One-Cancels-All (OCA) in Mosaic
4:01 Deutsch Mosaic Marktscanner erstellen
4:27 Deutsch Mosaic Fenster anpassen
3:17 Italiano Ordini Stop per TWS classica e Mosaic
3:12 Español Órdenes Stop en Mosaico & TWS Clásica
4:24 Italiano Crea una Flex query attività
5:47 Chinese-S (普通话) 创建魔方市场扫描仪
2:08 Chinese-S (普通话) 完成开户申请,最大化您的投资回报。
3:57 Español TWS OptionTrader
4:20 Chinese-S (普通话) 魔方界面活动面板 - 交易和定单标签页面
4:30 Español Crear órdenes para múltiples clients en Mosaico
2:10 Español Como crear Grupos de cuentas en Mosaico
2:52 Español Crear perfiles de distribución en Mosaico
4:00 Italiano Ordini Iceberg o Riserva per TWS classica e Mosaic
5:23 Italiano Panoramica sui rendiconti
4:13 Español Ordenes Bracket en Mosaico & Classic TWS
3:56 Italiano TWS OptionTrader
4:36 Español Depositar fondos en Gestión de Cuenta
3:07 Italiano TWS BookTrader
4:25 Italiano Ordini Bracket per TWS classica e Mosaic
4:48 Italiano Ordini Trailing Stop in Mosaic e TWS Classica
2:56 Chinese-S (普通话) 过滤您#30340;投资组合列表
4:11 Chinese-S (普通话) 魔方界面颜色编组
1:10 Chinese-S (普通话) 魔方界面活动面板的总结标签页面
3:52 Italiano Ordine Relativo o Pegged-to-Primary per TWS classica e Mosaic
2:11 Deutsch Watchliste erstellen in Mosaic
4:11 Chinese-S (普通话) 在魔方界面定单输入面板输入定单
6:04 Español TWS FXTrader
4:03 Español Personalizar el Mosaico
1:32 Español Agrupacion por colores en Mosaico
1:47 Español Filtre su monitor de cartera
2:23 Italiano Ordine Limite in Mosaic
2:20 Chinese-S (普通话) 查看您的投资组合
5:56 Italiano TWS FXTrader
6:11 Chinese-S (普通话) TWS外汇交易者
4:35 Español Como crear un escáner de mercado en Mosaico
2:13 Chinese-S (普通话) 创建监控列表
3:48 Español Como crear una order en el Mosaico
5:36 Chinese-S (普通话) 创建魔方工作空间
4:56 Français Conseiller - Créer des ordres pour plusieurs clients dans la mosaïque
2:48 Italiano Creare una ordine Good-Till-Cancelled (GTC) in Mosaic
2:57 Français Conseiller - Créer des groupes de comptes dans la mosaïque
3:56 Français Conseiller - Créer des profils d’allocation dans la mosaïque
1:36 Español Crear Monitor de Cotizaciones
1:49 Français Filtrer votre portefeuille
4:59 Français Présentation des relevés de compte
3:47 Français Placer un ordre dans la mosaïque
1:58 Français Grouper les fenêtres dans la mosaique
4:57 Français Personnaliser l'espace de travail de la mosaïque
3:31 Français Créer un scanner de marché
1:33 Français Afficher votre portefeuille
1:33 Français Créez une Watchlist
2:33 Italiano Raggruppamento finestre per colore in Mosaic
5:24 Italiano Creare uno Scanner di mercato
4:28 Italiano Personalizzare lo spazio di lavoro Mosaic
1:56 Italiano Visualizzare il Portafoglio
2:10 Italiano Inserire un ordine in Mosaic
1:34 Italiano Creare una Watchlist
1:50 Italiano Impostare filtri nel Portafoglio
1:41 Italiano Creare una watchlist predefinita
5:46 Japanese (日本語) IBLLC口座からの出金方法 – Withdraw Funds IBLLC
4:25 Japanese (日本語) IBSJ口座への入金方法 - Deposit Funds IBSJ
5:30 Japanese (日本語) IBLLC口座への入金方法 - Deposit Funds IBLLC
5:57 Japanese (日本語) IBSJ口座からの出金方法 – Withdraw Funds IBSJ

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1Please note that our videos, courses and interactive tours are provided courtesy of our clearing firm so you will see their name (Interactive Brokers/IB) within the videos. Please do not attempt to click on any IB links that may be shown within the videos as they may not work for your specific account. You should always log in through your Place Trade account to insure that your account is being processed as expected. Please contact us at 919-719-7200 for more information or assistance with anything that you need. Placing Futures Trades

PT does not offer futures or forex trading at this time. However, we have included videos here for educational purposes as we will be adding these services in the near future. Please contact us at 919-719-7200 for more information.

All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal and there can be no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful.