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Thank you for choosing to open your new account with Place Trade!

We are honored to have you join us and look forward to working with you! Before you begin the new account application (located below), please take a minute to review the following information:

As Place Trade continues to grow we continue to add new states to the list of those where our clients reside. We are not currently registered in all states however we are happy to get licensed in your state should you choose to open an account with us – so long as we are not rolling out too many states at a time. (We want to make sure that you have the best possible experience with us!) If you do not see your state on the list please give us a call today at 919-719-7200 or 800-50-PLACE.1

  Please Note:  

Online Trading Clients (Online Only): Our Online Trading Account Application (as well as a link to finish an application that you have already started) is located immediately below the list of states and footnotes.


Full Service Clients: If you are working with a full service advisor he or she will be happy to assist you with the brokerage account application or will provide you with the account application that is appropriate for your investment plan.


Exempt Transactions: We do offer accounts for most exempt transactions2 in all states.



At the present time we are accepting clients in the following states(along with clients dealing exclusively with exempt transactions in all other states):


































New Hampshire

New Mexico

North Carolina

North Dakota




Rhode Island

South Carolina






West Virginia1






Please note that we are opening exempt accounts in every state.


(Individual investor accounts are NOT considered to be exempt accounts.) 




If you would like us to add your state please give us a call today!3

919-719-7200 or 800-50-PLACE


We will accept accounts in most other states (that are not listed above)3  at the present time if they are reasonably expected to meet the expenses for registration or if they fall within the state's de minimis rules.1      

In addition, we are accepting accounts (from any state/commonwealth) that fall within the individual state's exempt account/transaction rules. These rules generally do not apply to individual retail accounts. Please contact us prior to opening an account if you are unsure of your exempt status.2

Please view the fine print below the grey line as well.




How to Open an Online Trading Account


Open a New Account Online ~ Begin Application Now


Finish a New Account Application


Please note that we use the same online application for both Online Trading Accounts and for Full Service Investment Brokerage Accounts. For Investment Company Accounts, please speak with your financial advisor or call us at 919-719-7200 for the appropriate application. Brokerage Account


Learn why Barron's Magazine Awarded us Overall 4 1/2 Stars and Ranked us in the Top 3 Best Online Brokers when you open a new account today!*



Keep more of your own money with deep discount commissions, extremely low margin rates and get state of the art trading platforms with lightning-fast execution and proven price performance at Place Trade!


1Accounts are unsolicited and accepted under state de minimis exemptions. Place Trade does not offer investment advice or solicit transactions to clients at the present time, however, the firm will be available for such service once its status changes from using the de minimis exemption to becoming fully registered for these services.

2Every state sets their own regulations and decides what types of exempt transactions are allowed. These generally do not include individual retail accounts.  

For example, in the state of California (please note that we are currently licensed for individuals as well in the state of CA and we are just using this information as an example) the following client accounts are considered to be exempt:

  • Other Broker-Dealers
  • Banks
  • Savings and Loan Associations
  • Trust companies, Insurance companies
  • Investment companies registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940
  • Pension or profit-sharing trusts (other than self-employed individual retirement plans), or
  • Other institutional investors or governmental agencies or instrumentalities (as defined in CCR §260.200).

3If you reside in one of the states or commonwealths that we are not currently licensed in and are interested in opening an account please give us a call to discuss your particular situation. We will consider moving the dates up for these particular jurisdictions on an individual basis. Adding new states is generally a fairly quick and simple process however each state has their own procedures that must be followed and some take a little longer than others. It could take a few days to more than a month before you would be able to start trading depending on how long it took for the state to grant approval. In the meantime you may get acquainted with our trading platforms, take a webinar or continuing researching your next investment. Please note that we will not be offering any form of investment advice in any state until we have received approval to do so!

In some cases we will not plan to open new accounts until we believe that we may offer the best possible service to clients in their particular location without increasing prices. In some states we may simply be waiting to add experienced registered representatives in order to provide you with the best possible service so please feel free to refer awesome advisors to us!

Because we are growing rapidly and we seek to hire only the very best financial professionals as we grow, we have not determined when we will begin adding non-exempt accounts in New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico or Virginia. If you would like us to add your state please give us a call at 919-719-7200 or 800-50-PLACE today.

4Anticipated Start Date: March 2015 Maine (Please call us to verify when you may begin trading.)

After you are approved, it is easy to add the capability to trade in additional products and markets to your account at a later time by logging into Account Management and clicking on the Manage Account menu. 

5Anticipated Start Date:   (Please call us to verify when you may begin trading.)  

 Learn more about our new account equity minimums


* Barron's Best Online Brokers List of the 2013 & 2014, Top 10 2012, 

  Best for Frequent Traders 2013, 2014



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