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Account Management


What is Account Management?

Log into Account Management (via the tab on the login menu in the top right hand corner of any page) and get fast access to all the details pertaining to your account.

Through Account Management you can easily monitor your activity or handle any tasks associated with managing and maintaining your account, including depositing funds, viewing your statements, modifying your trading permissions, changing your address and much more.

This web page provides a quick reference guide for logging into, understanding and using Place Trade's online Account Management interface.





Log in to Account Management

  1. From the Place Trade web site, select Account Management from the Login dropdown list in the upper right corner.  (Please note that your place Trade account login screen will appear different from the picture in this example.)
  2. Enter your Username and Password.
  3. Click the Login button. The Account Management Home page opens.



Activate Your Security Device

Fourteen days after the security device is mailed, you will be required to use it to log into TWS and Account Management. You can activate your Place Trade Security Device the first time you log into Account Management.

  1. Click User Management in the left pane, then click Activate IB Security Device.
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen to activate your device.

For more information, see the User Management section of the Account Management Users' Guide.


Deposit Funds to Your Account

After you make a deposit, you need to notify IB of your deposit using the Fund Transfers page in Account management. IB supports many different methods of depositing funds to your account, including wire, check, online bill payment check, ACH and more.

To notify IB of your deposit

    1. Click Funds Management in the left pane, then click Fund Transfers.
      If the Secure Login System page opens, this means that your account is enrolled in the Secure Login System and you must use your security device or temporary password to log into the Funds Status page:
      • Enter your username, then click OK.
      • Read the instructions on the screen carefully, then enter the response string from your security device and click OK.
    2. In the Transaction list, select Deposit Cash.



  1. In the Method list, select one of the deposit types listed in the table, then follow the instructions in the table to complete the deposit request process.
    • Click Cancel to cancel the transaction.
    • For ACH Initiated by IB and Canadian EFT Initiated by IB deposits, select an existing bank instruction from the Source list.
  2. Click Close to finish the deposit notification.

For more details on funding your account, see the Funds Management/Fund Transfers section of the Account Management Users' Guide.


Subscribe to Market Data

IB provides real-time streaming market data and news free of charge, or at the price we are charged by the exchange. Use the Market Data Subscription page to sign up for additional fee-based market data and news subscriptions such as NASDAQ TotalView and Reuters Worldwide Fundamentals, or to unsubscribe from any existing subscription services.

To change your market data subscriptions

    1. Click Trading Access in the left pane, then click Market Data Subscriptions.
      The Market Data Subscriptions page opens, listing all available news and information services along with market data subscriptions and their monthly prices, including those to which you are currently subscribed.



  1. Click the check box for each subscription you wish to add, then click Continue. You can expand and collapse the list of visible subscriptions for each region by clicking the + and - buttons in the region heading section.

    NOTE: To unsubscribe, clear the check mark from the subscription then click Continue.

  2. Read and complete any Subscriber Agreement that appears, then click Continue.

The Market Data Subscription page opens again, with your new selections updated and any pending subscriptions identified as such. Updates take effect immediately under normal circumstances.

For more details on market data subscriptions, see the Market Data Subscriptions section of the Account Management Users' Guide.


Apply for a Paper Trading Account

The PaperTrader is a simulated version of our TWS trading platform, available only to IB customers. It allows you to experiment with the full range of TWS features under real market conditions, but using paper money.

To activate a paper trading account

  1. Click Trading Access in the left pane, then click Paper Trading.
  2. Click the Continue button.
  3. Type a five-character paper trading account username in the field provided.
  4. Type a paper trading account password in the field provided. The password must be from six to eight characters and must contain at least one number and no spaces.
  5. Re-type the password in the field provided, then click Continue. The system will generate a full username for you when you click Continue.
  6. You are prompted to click Yes to confirm your request for a paper trading account, or click No to cancel your request.

Be sure to write down your username and password; your password will not be shown on the screen again.

For more information, see the Paper Trading section of the Account Management Users' Guide.


View Activity Statements

Your activity statements are always accessible online through Account Management, and can be generated on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.

To view an activity statement from Account Management

    1. Click Report Management in the left pane, then click Activity Statements.



  1. In the View Statements section make the following selections:
      • In the Template list, select the statement template you want to use for the statement. Select Full Default to include all sections in the statement, Simple Default to view a simpler monthly or daily view that excludes some sections from the statement, or select one of your own customized statement templates.

    Note that Consolidated monthly statements are available only with the Full Default template.

    • In the Date(s) fields, select the period (Daily, Monthly or Calendar Year), and the From and To dates, which define the period covered by the statement. You can select a specific date or the last business day.
    • In the Account(s) field, select the account to report on, or select Consolidated to include all accounts. If you chose to include closed accounts, those accounts appear in the list. If you only have a single account, it appears in this field.
    • In the Format field, select either HTML/WEB or PDF, depending on how you want to view the statement.
  2. Click View to generate the activity statement. If you selected PDF as the format, you will be prompted to open the generated report or save it to your computer.

You can expand and collapse each section of the statement individually. Click the slate blue section heading bar to expand a section, and click it again to collapse it.



For more information on activity statements and creating customized statement templates, see the Activity Statements section of the Account Management Users' Guide.


Find and Print Tax Forms

View and print your tax forms from the Report Management section of Account Management. Individuals, joint account holders and trusts in the United States will have access to 1099 forms, a Gain Loss Report and a Dividend Report.

To view and print tax forms

    1. Click Report Management in the left pane, then click Tax Forms.



  1. For each tax form you want to view, select the year and display format (HTML/Web or MS Excel), then click View Report.

For more information on Tax Forms and Reporting, see the Report Management section of the Account Management Users' Guide.


Change Your Personal Information

You can change your address, phone, email and other personal information through the User Management section of Account Management. The links below open the corresponding page in the Account Management Users' Guide.

For more details on the User Management pages, see the Account Management Users' Guide.



Contact Customer Service

Use the Message Center in Account Management to get help from Customer Service. The message center lets you create an inquiry ticket to report a problem, and also allows you to view the status of existing tickets, and modify, cancel, close or reopen a ticket. Additionally, you can view corporate actions, submit a tax reporting correction form, and request a trade cancellation.




To create an inquiry ticket for Customer Service

  1. In the Customer Service area above the menus in the left pane, click the Message Center icon.
  2. In the upper right corner of the right pane, select New Ticket and click Create.
  3. Select a category and sub-category from the drop down selections.
  4. Enter a brief summary and then a detailed description of the issue.
  5. If desired, you can attach up to two files such as screen shots or bank statements, that can help illustrate the nature of your problem.
  6. Click Send.

Within two hours, you should receive a message with a reference number, and most likely a comment on or resolution to your inquiry.



Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. For more information, read the "Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options" before investing in options. For a copy call 203 618-5800 or click here. There is no guarantee of execution. Orders will be routed to US options exchanges.

Any trading symbols displayed are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to portray a recommendation.

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