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 Other Potential Fees


Frequent Traders Monthly Cost: Lowest1

~ Barron's Best Online Brokers, 2013



Please note that you are NOT required to subscribe to market data subscriptions to use any of our free trading platforms to purchase stocks and options.2


Under certain circumstances you will be charged additional fees (by our clearing firm or the exchanges). For example if you directly route your orders to specific exchanges or cancel certain types of trades you may incur a fee.  Place Trade passes these fees on to our clients without any additional markup.  

When considering fees please consider the overall low cost of trading, ultra-low margin rates, access to experienced financial consultants and great customer service that you enjoy at Place Trade.  We believe that we offer the lowest overall trading cost of any full service broker as well as the lowest cost of nearly any online trading firm!  You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that when you trade and invest at Place Trade you are not just "getting what you pay for" you are getting the best for remarkably less!  



 Account Transfer Fees


Minimum Requirements 



 Options Related Fees

 No Annual Account Fees3

 Postage & Handling Fees

Exposure Fee for unusually risky accounts



No Fees for Postage and Handling Fees for Domestic or International Accounts: 

Accounts are not charged for postage and handling as all statements, confirms and other notifications are delivered electronically (via email).  If you elect to receive your confirmations via US mail, each confirmation, statement, notification, etc. will have a postage and handling fee assessed. Confirmations, notifications, statements, etc. sent via email do not incur fees.


Options Related Fees:

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Exercise and Assignment Fees

Exchange Fees for US Options

Options Minimum $1.50, No Base Fee, Simple $0.75 Per Contract (Exchange fees are passed through directly to you with no mark-up or payment to Place Trade Financial.)

What are SEC fees?


Frequent Traders' Monthly Cost:  Lowest1

1Barron's Magazine ranked Place Trade among the top five Best Online Brokers for having the lowest monthly cost for frequent traders in their annual review of the best online brokers.  To review all of the firms and how they were ranked please visit their website at: http://online.barrons.com/article/SB50001424052748704836204578349354099321848.html 

You do not need to be a frequent trader to be a client at Place Trade.  Once you compare our overall cost with your broker (don't forget all of the hidden/hard to find fees, margin rates, account transfer fees, etc.), even if you only trade a few times a year, you will see that we are extremely competitive and if you are a full service client it is unlikely that you will find a better quality firm at a lower price ~ at any level of trading!


2Please note that you are NOT required to subscribe to market data subscriptions to use any of our trading platforms to purchase stocks and options. 

Free delayed quotes are available and fees may be waived for active traders who choose to subscribe.   We do not charge a fee to use our trading platforms.  Other potential fees may apply to your account under certain circumstances.  For examples, we have listed other potential fees on this page.


We have a ton of awesome choices to meet the needs of every level of trader (including professionals) however you are welcome to choose the service provider of your choice for market data and info.  Place Trade recommends that you always use accurate market data and information before placing trades.

3No Annual Account Fees:  

For accounts that are held fund direct (these do not include stock, option and bond brokerage accounts): An annual fee may be imposed by a mutual fund company if your IRA Accounts is held fund direct.  Speak with your full service financial advisor for more information regarding potential fees that may be charged by a mutual fund company.  


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Account Transfer Fees (We don't charge any!)

Easily transfer your account to Place Trade through the "Fund Your Account" section of the New Account Application when you open a new account online or follow these:


How do I transfer my account (held at another brokerage firm) into my Place Trade® account?    

Simple Tips to help you Switch your account to Place Trade (after you have already established an account at Place Trade®).

It really is super easy to transfer your account to Place Trade however, if you would like our help we are happy to assist you with the transfer process!


Get the lowest margin rates, super low commissions and the best customer service when make the switch to Place Trade today!     

For more information regarding fees please call us at 1-919-719-7200 today.


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