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All the Tools You Need to Invest

Get the Most Advanced Trading Tools to help meet all of your online investing needs! 


Advanced Trading Tools to meet the needs of the most sophisticated investors, active traders and professional fund managers:

US & Global Equities

Extensive Options Tools  

Balance Market Impact & Risk


Stock Borrow Loan and Short Stock Availability Tool in Account

Professional trading tools, combined with award winning trading platforms, over 60 different order types, lightning-fast navigation, advanced capabilities and verified best execution truly make Place Trade the smartest place for all of your online trading needs!

PlaceTrader Workstation (TWS) Trading Tools



Sophisticated trading tools combined with over 60 different order types, lightning-fast navigation and advanced capabilities put Place Trader Workstation (TWS) at the front of the pack when it comes to online trading.

Learn more about the elite trading tools that allow Place Trade clients to implement their investment strategies without hindrance via the links below or check out the Place Trade Workstation Users Guide.  (Please be sure to check out our Mosaic Interface and WebTrader platform as well.)

The following trading tools are for our traditional Trader Workstation (TWS) trading platform:  


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Enjoy even more tools with our Mosaic Interface and WebTrader Platform

In addition to the TWS trading tools above, we offer many great features through our truly elegant Mosaic Interface as well as with our super simple to use Place Trader (WebTrader) platform!


The Mosaic Interface

Check out Mosaic! It is our newest interface - an upgrade to our Trader Workstation (TWS) platform - that is fully customizable, is easy to use and offers a ton of great features.  You will love it!  (Yes, you can still use our traditional TWS platform as well.)   There is an additional list of trading tools listed under the Mosaic link.  (There is no additional charge to use this fantastic interface.) 

Place Trade WebTrader  

Place Trade WebTrader features a cleaner, simpler platform designed for traders who consistently trade in a single category of securities or in a specific market. Intuitive design allows traders to execute their orders without wading through excess information.

The following trading tools are for our traditional Trader Workstation (TWS) trading platform (and link to highlights of each):

The Watchlist

Our Watchlist tool allows you to view several contracts all together in a small window that can be moved anywhere on your desktop. Create multiple named Watchlist windows, grouping contracts by industry or any other organizational criteria.

The Watchlist tool features the following capabilities:

  • Display TWS menus by clicking the Watchlist Settings page in Global Configuration and checking Display pull-down menus
  • Populate the Watchlist by entering the underlying symbol in the Contract column, or by dragging and dropping a ticker line from another TWS window into the Watchlist
  • If you drag a Group Header in the Watchlist, the header and all contracts in that section will be copied into the Watchlist
  • Add more Contract/Last/Change columns by dragging to expand the width of the window
  • Customize fields in the column using the Watchlist Layout page in Global Configuration



Manage groups of orders on multiple products, and create order groups modeled on popular indices with ease using our sophisticated BasketTrader tool. Learn to send a basket order, create a Basket File in Place Trader Workstation, manually create a Basket File, and use our IndexTrader to create basket orders based on indices like a seasoned trader.


Stock Borrow/Loan

Clients who have been approved for Portfolio Margin may use our Stock Borrow/Loan feature to borrow or lend US stocks electronically. This capability allows traders to implement advanced trading strategies


Yield Optimizer

Our Yield Optimizer compares rates for borrowing and lending stock so that you can see projected returns if you invest the unused portion of your account equity. Compare borrowing rates for hard-to-borrow stocks using various strategies.


Place Trader Workstation TWS Blotter

Receive, stage, submit, and monitor orders all from one window with the Place Trader Workstation Blotter, a unit in our suite of specialized order management tools. Receive and create tickets and manage orders through one screen with this sophisticated tool.



Create an order at any price, including the best bid and ask, with a single click in the BookTrader price ladder. Transmit orders with a single click  or by using a hotkey once you’ve set up Instantaneous Transmit. BookTrader displays a separate window for each contract you select.



Submit orders directly from any real-time chart within the Place Trader Workstation using the ChartTrader. Instantaneous orders can be created and sent by clicking directly on any chart or by accessing the Quote Panel.



ComboTrader allows you to create orders containing both stock and options legs through a single tool. Although the order will be constructed of separate legs, it will be executed as a single transaction if it is routed directly to an exchange.


Market Depth

Evaluate market liquidity more thoroughly by viewing alternative bids and offers from the inside quote through our Market Depth tool. Once you’ve gauged the market and are comfortable with your investment decision, create and transmit orders through the same window.


Rebalance Portfolio

Use the Rebalance window to redistribute percentages of positions in your portfolio that make up your liquidation value. The rebalance function automatically opens and closes positions based upon new percentages that you enter. Add contracts and create orders just as you would from the main trading screen.  Use the Import and Export tool to rebalance your portfolio as well.


The Integrated Stock Window

One-click order entry, comprehensive market data, and detailed charts make the Integrated Stock Window, or ISW, a trader’s dream. It is a centralized single-symbol window featuring a quote panel that displays data for selected stocks. From one screen you can view Level I and Level II quotesconfigure your order & trading tools buttonscreate orders, access other order toolscreate advanced orders and modify both new and working orders.



A multifunctional and configurable standalone screen, the OptionTrader is the ideal tool for investors that actively trade in options. View market data; access your options orders, executions, and portfolio information; create combination Spread orders; and set up specific options chains all through one navigable window. Determine which options will be displayed on your screen by defining criteria such as Options Trader Statistics, strike, expiry, and exchange.

A specific feature entitled The Model Navigator enables traders to modify the values they use to calculate options prices.  Use the Options Analytics Window  to view the rate of change of an options price (with respect to a unit change in each of a number of risk dimensions).

Write and Roll Options

Sell calls against long stock positions and sell puts against short stock positions with ease using our Write and Roll Options tool. The Rollover Options function allows you to roll over options that are about to expire to a comparable option with a later expiration date automatically. Use the Write Options function to view all of your long and short positions and write options orders quickly and effortlessly.


The Order Ticket

The Order Ticket functions as an alternate form of order entry for users who prefer to set all order attributes from a single tabbed window.

The Basic tab includes basic order and time in force information, all based on the contract shown in the Quote Panel. Also view the Advanced Combo Routing tab.

The Adjustable Orders tab is used to define a one-time adjustment to a stop, stop limit, trailing stop or trailing stop limit order.

The Scale Trader tab gives you access to ScaleTrader, which allows you to place a scale order designed to help prevent larger sized trades from being subject to increasingly deteriorating prices by scaling your order into smaller, incrementally priced components based on user-specified price and size instructions.

The Pegged Orders tab allows you to select from available fields to create a Pegged to Stock options order.

The Volatility tab, active when you select a VOL order type, allows you to create options orders where the limit price is calculated as a function of an option volatility that you can modify.  Trade volatility and dynamically manage your options orders.

The Conditional tab allows you to create a conditional order, which will automatically be submitted or cancelled only if specified criteria for one or more defined contracts are met.

The Miscellaneous tab and order fields can be used to apply order attributes and set specific rules for OCA groups.


Quantity Calculator

Create custom order sizes via several methods using the Quantity Calculator. Set a general default order sizecalculate order quantity, set specific default sizes for each instrument type, or even set precise default size orders for specific contracts.


Rapid Order Entry

Quickly transmit an order without opening an order ticket or clicking in a market data line with our Rapid Order Entry Panel. Simply tab through the available fields, enter the parameters of your order, and click Trade to submit your order.   Enter Rapid Orders - Configure Rapid Order Entry - Update Orders - Create "Instantaneous Transmit" Hot Keys



The SpreadTrader allows traders to create and transmit multiple combination orders with two clicks of a mouse. Fabricate your own highly sophisticated matrices of variations on an options strategy for a single underlying, and define the exact display set up of the combination lines within the matrix by assigning specific positions to each parameter of your strategy. Filters permit you to select which contracts will be displayed in your matrix. Simple controls and intuitive filters make the SpreadTrader, an advanced tool, accessible to traders of all experience levels.


Merger Arb

This trading tool was designed based upon specific market-based needs of our clients. Create combination orders for anticipated mergers between companies through the Merger Arbitrage window.




We offer all the Products and Services you need to build your portfolio and take charge of your investments.