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*Options Minimum $1.50, No Base Fee, Simple $0.75 Per Contract (Exchange fees and credits are passed through directly to you with no markup or payment to Place Trade®.)





Trade Options Online for only $0.75 per contract!


No "Base Fee"


Yes, it is true!  We do offer some of the very lowest margin rates and deep discount online option commission rates of any national firm! Place Trade clients trade options online for only $0.75 per contract (Minimum $1.50 per trade).   


We offer all listed equity and index options, including LEAPS, from every US exchange.  Get lightning fast, best executions, access to international market centers, excellent customer service and superior technology as well as the best options trading tools to assist you with all of your successful trading needs.  


*Options Minimum $1.50, No Base Fee, Simple $0.75 Per Contract (Exchange fees are passed through directly to you with no markup or payment to Place Trade Financial.)


Check out our awesome Options Portfolio Tool - Use the Greeks to control your risk!


Options Market Briefs


Take Advantage of our Award Winning Trading Platforms, Users Guides & Trading Tools


Options Trading  Take a quick look at our TWS Users Guide to view a few of our Great Trading and Analytical Tools along with our Options Resources including Options TraderWrite and Roll OptionsBest Price for Options using Smart Routing and much more.  


Resources for Options Traders  Please view the Options Resources Menu to the left to see many of the great options resources that are available to Place Trade clients through our Place Trader Workstation including complex strategies, multiple leg (4 legs +) combos, option credit spreads and much more!


Options Trading  Test your options strategies in a risk-free environment with our virtual trading system (PaperTrader).  While it is always more fun to be trading in the money in a live trading environment, smart options traders know that it is nice to test new option trading ideas through PaperTrader because they will never actually end up out of the money even if their options expire there!  PaperTrader is also great when entering complex trades for the first time or considering higher-risk scenarios.  


Deep Discount Commissions  Simply Open your Online Trading Account, Get Options Approval and Begin Trading Options at Super Low Commissions and still get the Lowest Margin Rates!




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Special Options Notes


Pre-Approval for Options:  

Customers wishing to engage in transactions involving option contracts must obtain pre-approval by a Place Trade Financial Registered Options Principal. Approval is based on your investment objectives, financial information and trading experience provided on your account application. For additional information, contact client services at 1-800-50-PLACE. 



Trading Options in an IRA: 

Options are offered in all IRA accounts including puts and calls, covered calls and married puts.



Option Exercise Deadline:

The new deadline for exercising options is 4:00 p.m. EST. If you would like to exercise an option, please call a broker at 1-800-50-PLACE.



Options are traded on an online basis only: 

Place Trade does not provide advice for options traders. When placing your order you must provide the correct option symbol and confirm that you are placing your options trade with the correct symbol prior to entering your trade - whether you place a trade online or with a broker.  



Margin Requirements for each type of Option Strategy:   

Interested in Trading Options on Margin? Learn about the Margin Requirements for each type of Option Strategy by Margin Combination before you place options trades.






Automatic Exercise Thresholds

Equity options: 

Equity options will be automatically exercised if they are $0.25 or more in-the-money unless instructed not to exercise.



Index Options: 

Index options will be automatically exercised if they are $0.01 or more in-the-money unless instructed not to exercise.



FAQs - US Securities Option Expiration



Where can I get a FREE Options Education and information with no obligation?


If you are wondering...

What is an option? What are options good for? Why use options?  Or if you are simply new to trading options online then you may wish to get all of the free options education that you can and then start practicing your options trading strategies online before you ever jump in feet first!  Options can be quite risky so you should really take the time to learn about investing in options including how stock options work, understanding the risks and the many different options strategies available prior to entering your first options order online.  

Place Trade also offers assistance to companies and employees with ESOPs. If you need to exercise your company stock options please give us a call today at 1-800-50-PLACE or 1-919-719-7200. 



Lowest Monthly Cost for Frequent Traders (Barron's Best Online Brokers 2013):


Cheap Options trading online  We may have cheap options commissions but don't get fooled into thinking that you only get what you pay for!  Place Trade is known for excellent client service and while we do offer the lowest margin rates and deep discount commissions for all of your online stock, bond, options, mutual funds [and other] investing needs we also offer a whole lot more!  We are known for our Ritz Carlton style client service and we have the access and experience to handle all of your full-service investment needs as well.




Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. For more information; please read “Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options” before investing in options.  For a free copy call 1-800-50-PLACE or 1-919-719-7200 or visit the OCC. There is no guarantee of execution. Orders will be routed to US options exchanges.  (trade buy sell options exercise assignment trade option how many legs, combos, spreads, rebates, best options broker puts calls write options)

Any trading symbols displayed are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to portray a recommendation.


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Margin Rates

Exchange Fees


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Margin Requirements - Canadian Options


FAQs Options Expiration




Best Place to Trade Online Lowest Option Prices ~ Best Execution ~ Elite Trading tools for every investor ~ Award Winning Trading Platforms & Customer Service Best Place to Trade Online



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Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options

 Download Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options 

Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Please read “Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options” before investing in options. 

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