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Secure Login with Security Code Card

It's easy to securely log into your Place Trade trading application, such as TWS, Account Management or WebTrader, using your Security Code Card. Simply find and enter the correct values from your card into the PassCode Authentication Box on the IB website.

Secure Login with the Security Code Card
  1. Start by logging into your Place Trade application as always, using your Place Trade username and password.
    The PassCode Card Authentication box pops up.
  2. Locate the first Index number in the authentication box. 
    In our example below, the first Index number is "100."
  3. Using your Security Code Card, locate that Index number, and look immediately to the right to find its corresponding card value. 
    In our example the Index number "100" has a corresponding card value of A3D.
  4. Type that value in the entry field of the PassCode Card Authentication box on the website.
  5. Follow steps 2 and 3 above for the next Index number.
    In our example, the second Index number is "50" and its corresponding card value is Z3V.
  6. Click the Submit button.



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