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What are your margin rates?

Who has the lowest margin rates?


Save Money with Lower Margin Rates!



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 How Much do you Charge for Margin Interest on USD Balances? (% Amount) 


USD Margin Rates (below) as of 20190925                                                          View Margin Rates for All Available Currencies*

Balances Below:  Balances Between: Balances Between: Balances Between: Balances Over:


USD 100,000


100,000 - 1,000,000


1,000,000 - 3,000,000


3,000,000 - 200,000,000


200,000,000.01 +

3.9% 3.4% 2.9%







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View Margin Rates for All Available Currencies

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Rates are subject to change without notice.

How do you Calculate Margin Rates?
View Margin Requirements View Examples of how we calculate interest on balances



*May be subject to a 1% surcharge applied to the spread if financing is not pre-arranged.

  1. The applied rate may be reduced if pre-arranged. Please contact Customer Service to discuss further.

  • Costs for position borrowing of stocks with special considerations (for example hard to borrow instruments) are usually higher than for normal availability stocks. These additional costs will be passed on in the form of lower short stock credit interest. Please note that this may lead to a net debit short stock credit interest in the event that the costs to borrow exceed the interest earned. In order to view the indicative short stock interest rates for a specific stock, we recommend that clients use the Short Stock (SLB) Availability Tool in the Support > Tools menu in Account Management.


* The tiered rate is based on your margin balance - View Margin Rate Tiers page to find out more information.  

See our Margin Interest Calculation Examples page for more details. BM = Benchmark Rate


See our Margin Interest Calculation Examples page for more details.  

BM = Benchmark Rate     View our Margin Rate Tiers here.




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