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US Mutual Funds Available at Place Trade 


Place Trade clients have the ultimate flexibility when it comes to investing.  Clients have access to thousands of mutual funds and ETFs to meet all of their investment needs. View mutual fund families available for purchase in your PT brokerage account via this link.


What you need to know about Mutual Funds held at Place Trade:

It is important to note that some mutual funds are available to be held in house (within your full service or online trading account at Place Trade) and others must be held at the mutual fund company (referred to as being held "fund direct").  


Clients can invest in no-load mutual funds with the following features:


·       Invest in nearly 2,000 funds from numerous families of mutual funds from within your Place Trade account and thousands more mutual funds that are held fund direct.

·        Online trading clients have access to mutual funds are no-load with no early redemption fees.

·         Active, professional fund management.

·         Electronic-only prospectus delivery.

·         Automatic dividend reinvestment.



No-Load Mutual Funds:  

If you invest on your own and make your own trading decisions you may invest in no-load funds within your Place Trade online trading account.  


No-Load Mutual Fund transaction fee: $19.95 (Buy or Sell)


Mutual Funds (all other available funds) transaction fee:

Fees are set by the individual mutual fund companies and passed through to clients.  Place Trade has no discretion as to the fees that mutual funds charge to purchase these funds.   


Please note:

Financial advisors will not be available to assist you with your investment decisions regarding no-load funds unless you are a fee based client.  Please call 1-800-50-PLACE or 1-919-719-7200 to speak with an experienced mutual fund specialist.

Financial Advisors are available to help with your all of your investment needs.  Along with a full suite of investment products and services, most mutual funds are available to full service clients.  Traditional mutual funds (with the exception of the no-load mutual funds noted above) are held at the mutual fund company that manages your funds.  

For example; if you own mutual funds that are managed by the PIMCO family of funds.1 The mutual funds that you are invested in will be held at PIMCO and you will receive statements from PIMCO regarding these particular investments.  You will still be a client of Place Trade and your advisor will still be able to assist you with all of your investment needs.  Please note that this is not a recommendation to purchase PIMCO products it is merely being used for informational purposes.

 Please note that mutual funds have risks and are not suitable for all investors.  Past performance is no guarantee of future results.  Please speak with your own investment, tax and legal advisors prior to making investment decisions.


Looking for information on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)?  Trade or invest in ETFs at Place Trade.

To learn more please call 1-800-50-PLACE or 1-919-719-7200 to speak with an experienced mutual fund specialist today.



Learn more about mutual funds from FINRA through their Smart Investing Program via this link.

Investor Bulletin: How to Read A Mutual Fund Shareholder Report(SEC)



1Please note that the example above is for informational purposes only and is not a recommendation, solicitation or offer to buy or sell any particular mutual fund.  Mutual funds can lose money.  Past performance does not imply or guarantee future results.



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